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green gardenGardens large and small can be beautiful and relaxing, but they only stay that way with consistent management and care. It can be overwhelming to keep up with all the maintenance involved. Leave the hard work to the professionals. Eden Nurseries offers extensive garden maintenance services, so you can sit back and enjoy your green space.

Irrigation Systems

Our most successful gardens begin with automated irrigation systems. We highly recommend them for gardens in Tobago, due to the harsh dry season and the long dry spells during the rainy season. It is especially recommended for those properties situated close to the seaside. We install and maintain fully automated Rainbird™ systems, which help reduce labour costs and save water./p>

Diseases & Pests

Pests and diseases will vary with the seasons, the amount of water and light, and the type of plants in your garden. Call us in for a consultation, so that we can diagnose the type, source and extent of your particular problem, whether insects, fungi or invasive weeds.

Next, we determine the right combination of chemicals and natural treatment methods and the prescribed spraying schedule to get the problem under control.

If you need refresher applications, simply contact us for a follow up appointment.


We believe in keeping plants looking the way nature meant them to look, and timely and strategic pruning is crucial. Our goal is to maintain an organized and esthetically appealing look, while ensuring that plants are allowed to grow naturally, without interfering with their cycles.

General Clean up

Our team will also clean and detail walkways, ponds, and other features in your garden, to keep the area looking pristine. All debris will be removed and disposed of in the appropriate way.

Plant Replacement

While it would be ideal for every flower and plant to remain perfect and healthy, some of your soft landscaping, such as ground covers, needs to be replaced periodically. Sign up for our complete maintenance program, and we will replace the necessary plants to ensure your garden continues to look fresh all year round.

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