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New Arrivals - SUNLOVERS!

January's Winner!!
New Arrivals Plant these beauties in full sun and watch them explode! They will tolerate some shade but may become leggy. Just give them a quick trim and they will pop right back out. SunPatiens reach 2 to 3 feet tall. Plant them 3 feet apart and you will soon be enjoying a mass of colour!

New Arrivals

Radermachera kunming: Jasmine tree
This is an excellent bloomer. Grows well in containers. First timer to Tobago, this plant is still under observation. So far, we couldn’t be more pleased with the behavior even in full sun, and its resistance to diseases. And the scent is just the icing on the cake! Limited quantities available.

New Arrivals

dombeya Seminole: tropical rose
This is a large shrub that grows 7 feet tall and wide. It is a prolific bloomer in fullsun. It can also be drought-tolerant once established. Limited quantities available.

New Arrivals

Rhaphiolepis indica: indian hawthorn
With its neat-mounded form and clusters of fragrant flowers, these plants are ideal for commercial sites and low maintenance gardens. They prefer sun, and are fairly drought and salt tolerant. Grows to 3 to 6 ft high and wide.

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