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plants and flowers in interior of buidingAt the root of our operation, our nursery in Shaw Park is constantly growing and changing. Everything stems from here, so be sure to visit us.

We cater to everyone from homeowners to fellow landscapers, offering a surprising variety of ornamental plants. We grow those plants that are best suited to Tobago’s unique location, and we are eager to share information and collaborate with all related industries.

We pride ourselves on customer care, and want you to leave us with as much enthusiasm as we have for all things green! Our in-house team players are passionate about plants, and look forward to assisting you in making the right choices for your landscaping jobs, home, patio, garden, or office.

Your potted plants or beds will thrive using our fast selling premium soil blend, and you’re sure to find what you’re envisioning in our vast selection of pots and water features. If you can’t come in, keep checking our site and Facebook page, for updates on our new arrivals. Just ask us, and we will make every effort to grow or source it for you.


There are endless possibilities to suit your design, even if you just want to see more butterflies and hummingbirds. Just a few of the flowers we have to offer include hibiscus, ixora, jasmine, desert rose, lantana, plumbago, petrea, chaconia, musseanda, bird of paradise, and far too many more to mention.

Palms & Trees

Eden Nurseries carries palms and trees fit for large gardens or container growth. A few varieties we have available include the asoca, myrtle, cordea, African tulip, Antigua cedar, ficus, and many more. A variety of fruit trees are also available in season.

We are building our palm collection, and will usually have the areca, mac Arthur, lady, parlour, travellers, foxtail, royal, sago, fan, and date palms, but we don’t stop there! We are constantly germinating new varieties; so do keep in touch!


Colourful foliage is an important aspect of landscape design, and our collection is extensive. Let us help you choose the best backdrop for your exotic flowers, or install that much-needed privacy hedge, to soften the harsh look of walls and fences.


Turf Grass is the modern and easy way to establish that soft green carpet to welcome you home. Ask about our options on Zoysia or Savannah turf. Do-it-yourself, or have us install an instant, weed-free lawn.

Water Features and Plants

There is nothing more relaxing and cooling than a water feature as a focal point in your garden, or patio. These range from outdoor ponds, to stand-alone fountains, to tabletop features. Let us install the right feature for you, and show you how you can create a whole self-sustaining eco-system, including water lilies and grasses, fish and birds, right in your own backyard.

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